Thursday, May 19, 2011

Post Wedding Pictures

I am sorry for the long absence. I have been so busy with the wedding I was doing for a friend that I didn’t have time to post as I went or even take pictures most of the time. Now that the wedding is done, I should be back to blogging regularly (or at least semi-regularly :)
I want to do more detailed posts including tips on DIYing a wedding and working with flowers but for now I am just going to share some pictures taken by my hubby. Unfortunately, some aren’t the best since we were running around like crazy people and occasionally had to use the flash and auto settings (gasp!)

This is the groom grinning silly and two of the groomsmen. These also happens to be the only pictures I have of the boutonnieres. And no good pictures of the corsages :( hopefully I can get some from the photographers.

Cute little buckets tied to the ends of the pews.
_MG_5558b_MG_5652bIMG_5611   I collected over 50 various glass containers for candles at the front of the chapel. It looked so pretty once they were all lit. _MG_5640  I had been planning on reselling them all but now I am kind of attached to my collection. It is silly really…now if only I can convince myself of that.
No good pictures of the bouquets yet either but here I am putting the finishing touches on the lace and heirloom handkerchief that wrapped the bride’s bouquet. You can see one of the bridesmaid’s bouquets behind me.
Here is the prayer tree at the reception waiting for people to write prayers and blessings for the couple on ribbon and tie them on. (Complete with crystals stolen borrowed from the chandelier in my dining room. Makes me giggle when I think about it.) _MG_5671 And here it is again after a few people had tied on their prayers (and all natural light was gone)
And lastly, here are the centerpieces:
IMG_5676 _MG_5681
Proofreading this post, I found myself thinking "Wow! It looks like a real wedding."  Umm...It was a real wedding. And better than just looking like one, I think the bride and groom and their families felt like it was too. Can't wait to get more pictures to share and get started on non-wedding projects. Until then, it is good to be back sharing these creative notions.

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  1. Looks like it all turned out beautifully! You did a great job! I think your eye for detail is perfect for doing weddings.

  2. So beautiful! Can't wait to see more pics! :)