Monday, April 4, 2011

Pin-Up Mondays

I am pretty much completely hooked on It is a great site that lets you “pin” images to your “boards”. It is like visual bookmarking and it retains the link to the original location so you can always find that tutorial or give credit for that knock off. You can also follow friends and see what they are pinning or look at everything and see what other things have been pinned by anyone and everyone. It is an amazing site that I can get lost in for hours.

I want to start regularly sharing what I have recently pinned so I can share what catches my eye, what projects I want to do, cloths I want to buy, or recipes I want to make.

First up a skirt from my “Crafts I Want to Do” board:
I actually made one using this tutorial this weekend that I will share with you really soon.

I am needing to recover our dining room chairs and have my eye out for different patterns I like. This fabric from Joann’s in my “For the Home” board is an option:
Source: via Jenni on Pinterest

I have a board for pretty organization ideas. Isn’t this pallet paper shelving so clever?

And one item of pure silliness that I really want:
Nothing says spring better than fresh greens and bunny ears :)

If anyone else is on pinterest, let me know. I would love to follow you and see what you pin.


  1. i am looooving the pallet side board thingy...really REALLY neat!
    and the bunny ears are hysterical!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my engagement post---I am really excited!

    Also, I LOOOOOOOOVE pinterest too. Seriously, I'm new to it but completely obsessed.

  3. Hi! I'm on Pinterest (Debbie Westbrooks), and new follower of you! Thanks for bidding on my coffee bags (auction item for Restore Alabama!) You rock!

  4. I just found this website and want to join. I'm now on the Pinterest waiting list, whatever that means. I've never heard of such. How long did it take you to get invited?