Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cookie Time

I wasn't able to make Christmas cookies with my mom this year. We just ran out of time. She was kind enough to send her sugar cookie dough with me so that I could make some when I got the chance. Thursday night my sweet friend, Laura, came over and decorated the cookies with me. (hint: if you need to revive pre-made dough, adding an egg and a little bit of oil to the dough in a mixer do it nicely) Here is Laura as we get started:
Isn't she gorgeous?
We had a blast drinking wine together, chit-chatting, watching White Christmas, and decorating. And I would go as far as to say we made some great looking cookies. This is one of the sheets before they baked.
Laura got to see my spazzy messy cooking style. And I think she still likes me, which just shows you how great she is.  Her hand washing consistency and thoroughness put me to shame, but she said that came from being a nurse.  Annnnd back to the cookies, here they are all golden and baked.
 And here is my wonderful husband decorating one with us:
He is super into comic books so his was a themed cookie (his blog is here in case you doubt my comic book claim) Here is his Green Lantern inspired treat:
The night was so fun. I really enjoyed the low key girly time and I hope I have started a new tradition. Well as long as next year I get to make some with my mom too.

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