Friday, September 9, 2011

Marble Top

For some reason when I say that, I hear that old fifties lollipop song. Marble top. Marble top! Ooooh marble marble top! Now that this is stuck in your head._MG_5897-1

I bought this cute little table for $4 at my favorite little thrift store. It wasn’t priced so I ask and waited to hear “$20”, hoped to hear “$10”, and couldn’t buy it fast enough when I heard “$4”.
The table came with a bad brown paint job but was real wood and marble so it was definitely full of potential.

In January, I strip the paint off just the top using Citristrip.I have never stripped the paint of something but I was pleased with how the Citristrip worked. The only problem is you have to wait 9 months before you can stain. (Not really. I was just looking for an excuse. Did you buy it?)

I stained the top using an opps stain from Sherwin Williams. I like the warm red tones to it. The bottom is painted using Glidden’s “Candlelight” that I got when they were do a mass free paint giveaway. Computer monitors are a tricky thing when looking at paint colors but it turned out to be a soft creamy white. Thanks Glidden!

The hardware was covered in goopy brown paint so I used a combination of sand paper and Brasso to shine them back up. The sand paper left slight scratches but I found that if I increase my grit as high as possible the scratches became more of an aged polished look._MG_5901-1

Cost Breakdown: 
Table: $4
Citristrip: $12
Stain: $2? I’m not sure but it was cheap since it was an opps and I used hardly any.
Paint: Free! Thanks Glidden!
Brasso: $3.50
Total: $21.50 but most of that is the large quantity of Citristrip that I used about a third of so you could say $13.50. Let’s say $13.50! Whoop!

I’ve had this table up on Craigslist for a while and I haven't been able to rehome it yet. I thought I was going to get to put it in a booth at a monthly market but now that has fallen through. So for now, it continues to sit in my house, in the way, like it has for almost a year now… I wish I had a better place to sell these things.

Update: It finally SOLD!

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  1. It's a lovely piece. Too bad I don't have a place for it.

  2. It's so cute! I haven't been brave enough to strip paint yet, was it difficult?
    Where's the thrift store?! Everything down here in the M-streets that says they're "thrift" or "consignment" sells furniture for waaaay more than the hubs and I can afford.

  3. Nine months before re-staining...NINE MONTHS!? OMG!!! This is such a beautiful piece...I'm so pleased it has a new home...

  4. it looks awesome! i love the wooden "frame" around the top. it adds a little contrast and warmth!