Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I found many treasures at the thrift store earlier this week that I am excited to share with you. It was one of those times where I had to stop searching through the clutter and get out of their because I had all my trunk could hold.
First, let me show you these plates I picked up. I think they are transfer-ware but I am not really sure what that is so I guess I need to do more research on what makes something transfer-ware or not.
 Can anyone educate me? This is the stamps on the back if anyone has any insight into them.
Aren't they pretty? I think I'll end up hanging them in a grouping in our dining room. I got two of these:
And three of these:
And all for $.50 a piece! The silverware that I included in the pictures is my grandma's wedding silverware that she gave my husband and me on our wedding. It is very special to me. They are monogrammed with a "J" for Jennison which is my middle name and where my parents got the "Jenni" I am called. Coincidentally, the scripted "J" looks like an "E". See?
I even still have the brochure advertising the set with the prices in 1942. It is called "Courtship". Isn't that the sweetest?

Another great find was these hurricane glasses. I got the huge one in the middle for $5 and a medium and 3 smalls for $1 a piece. I am helping a friend with the flowers and decorations for her wedding in May and I think these may end up being centerpieces on some of the reception tables or used elsewhere. They were too good to pass up. I am excited about getting to help with this wedding and I will be sure to take you along with me as I do things for it.

One last thing to show you:

Aren't these trays great for $3 each? They even have legs to use when your sweetheart brings you breakfast in bed. *hint hint*
I am planning sprucing them up pretty and re-homing them. Are you excited to see what I will do?

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