Monday, January 31, 2011

Shameless Treasures

The other day, I showed my neighbors my shameless side and what is the point of that if I am not going to share it with ya'll as well.You see, one of my neighbors is obviously confused about the difference between trash and treasures and threw out a pile of rotting lumber, a kiddie pool and what are now my treasures.
Exhibit A: 4 solid wood table legs
I feel like the responsible thing to do would be to put them back together and make a new table. But what do I really want to do with them? Make a lamp or 3. I am picturing it in true Restoration Hardware/naked wood style. I want to top it off with a lace-y shade like this one :
 And I think I can make with my Silhouette out of paper (I got one for Christmas and I think I forgot to mention it but that toy is AMAZING! More on that later) I know it is hard to picture but I think it can work. You can tell me later if I am wrong.

Exhibit B: Lovely Spindly Shelf
This shelf is in pretty bad condition. It has a wicked wobbly and the shelf boards are particle board with terrible water damage but most of the spindles are still good. I may add new boards and use some of the spindles to make a shorter shelf. The other spindles I want to use to make an hourglass. Before I had even picked up my new treasures, I had seen this hourglass at Restoration Hardware and new I wanted to make one with wine bottles.
PS: My I went into a Restoration Hardware for the first time last week and now I know why everyone is always copying them. I loved it all so much. Totally redeemed the fact that I was near one because I had to go to the Apple store so they could remove the sim card from my iphone that I had air-headedly put in the wrong way and couldn't get back out. It was not a proud moment when I had to answer "What can I help you with today?"

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  1. I love that lamp idea! Those are going to be cute! I haven't heard of Restoration Hardware before, but I feel like I need to check it out. haha