Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mod Podged Tiered Table

Apparently, I took a two week hiatus from this blog for the holidays. And I had a lovely time :) A wonderful mix of time off work and time with loved ones. Never fear, while I didn't make time to write posts, I took lots of pictures of the projects I worked on. You may end up reading about Christmas-y things long after Christmas but I hope you will bear with me.

Today, I have for you a project I hinted at months ago and finished weeks ago. It is the table I bought on craigslist and hope to sell not keep. It is a very light little table made out of particle board and a blah blond veneer. I was going to show you the picture from the ad but now I can't find it. It looked something like this but with detail between the tiers:
 Sorry. But I think you can imagine what it looked like. Not bad but boring. I didn't want boring. I wanted something fun. Something more fun than what I typically do. I wanted to do what I wanted without worrying where it would go and how it would coordinate. I wanted to Mod Podge on furniture.

Because it was a glossy veneer surface, I used an oil-based primer before painting that gave me a smooth painted surface that would stay. This is the brand I used but I think any oil-based primer would work especially if like this one, it says something like "Sticks to all surfaces without sanding. Use any topcoat."
I put down 2 layers of primer and probably 4 coats of paint with extremely minimal (ok, may be no) sanding in between. The paint was turned out a lighter shade than what I really wanted and that is why I put so many coats on.

Once the paint was dry, I cut sheets of paper to the right dimensions and Mod Podged them on the sides of the tiers.A couple of coats of wipe on poly and she is ready to go. Ta da!
  And here is the back view:
 I covered the brass bits on the end of each leg and in the middle of the shelf supports with Frog Tape. My first time to use it and I really like how it worked. See how nice and clean they turned out?

 I paid $15 for the table and I am not sure how much my supplies cost me. Especially since I have been wanting some it (like the primer, wipe on poly, and frog tape) to just have in my supplies. I am thinking of asking a $50 re-homing fee. What do you think? Too much or too little? The only place I know to sell re-home her is on Craigslist which I feel limits me some.

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  1. oooh i love this! i have a pair or tables i bought from goodwill that are similar and i wasn't sure what i would do. love this idea!
    would love it if you would come join my furniture redo party going on now!

  2. This is really amazing! I love this table. I'm going to search for more good consignment possibilities this weekend, I'll let you know what I find!

  3. Very pretty. YOu did an awesome job.

  4. the table looks so dainty now in her new outfit!
    super job!
    thanks for linking up,