Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Shower GIfts

I have been working on some fun items for a precious baby whose imminent arrival we celebrated last weekend (aka I made a baby shower gift) I finished them Thursday night and then tried to take really great pictures of them. You know, the kind of pictures that are all glowy and gorgeous. The kind you shouldn't try to take with no natural light. Well, I did try since it was late and I had to wrap the gift. My hubby was a little confused when I pulled out a bowl and started arranging it all in it. "Are you giving our bowl away?" "No, Honey. I'm staging." which I am pretty sure was followed by an eye roll from him but I was too busy snapping pictures to look up and confirm.
Anyways, here is what I made. The projects were made using ideas from Scraps N' Strings. She also has a great blanket idea that hooks to the handle of the car-seat-carrier-thing.

It all started with a simple blanket with ribbons and teething rings attached. You can barely see it at the back there. I forgot to get a good picture showing just the blanket. The blanket soon turned into half a dozen burp clothes. After all, I would have left over fabric and all I would need to do was add some terry cloth to the other side. Right? And those projects turned into "Awww! Look at the cute baby crafts!" So then came the covered diaper case that you can see on the right. I am pretty proud at how it came out looking almost like a clutch. Just some fabric and LOTS of hot glue!
And then the pacifier holders. These were pretty fun to make as soon as I got applying the snaps figured out. I think Miss Harper Rose will enjoy looking cute while not losing her pacifiers as will her mom.

Scraps N's Strings put together full tutorials for all the projects so I didn't but here is the link for each:
Teething Blanket
Burp Cloths
Swipe Case
Pacifier Holders
I hope to start on my table project tonight and I am doing a few other small bits with Christmas in mind. I am really enjoying diving back into crafts and having some place to share it all.
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  1. That bowl was a wedding gift. Also those are some good looking baby accessories.

  2. This is adorable! I'm your newest follower, I found you at Tip Junkie! You can find me at Sassy Sites- xoxo!!